Wow! What a weekend. For those of who don’t know, this past Saturday (April 1, 2017) was
the return of The Birthday Bash. KCCN FM 100 is one of the most popular Island Radio
stations in Hawaii. They play local island music and have supported local artists for the
past 25 years! The radio station started their broadcast on May 14, 1990. In July 1991, the
radio station hosted the very first “KCCN FM 100 Birthday Bash” to be held at the world
renowned Waikiki Shell. Kapena closed the show that night! We were still young in the
music scene and were so humbled to be the headlining act. It’s been 25 years since that
first Birthday Bash and we were happy to return as the only group to play every single
Birthday Bash to date! We were blessed to share the stage with the Father of Island
Reggae — Bruddah Waltah! He always puts on an awesome act and completely stole
the show with songs like “Don’t Let Me Down”, “Sweet Lady of Waiahole” and “Keep
Hawaiian Lands, In Hawaiian Hands”. As tradition holds, we closed our set with
Danny’s Song and watched as a sea of thousands of people sang the chorus to us.
It was amazing, as always! This year was extra special as our keyboardist and vocalist
Kalenaku also had the privilege of singing “Islands In The Stream” with Ten feet.
It was a great event and we are ecstatic that The Bash is Back!!