We love performing as a family! It gives us the chance to watch each other shine and
appreciate the ways in which each member of the group shares their special gifts
with the world. Lilo DeLima, our bass phenom has been recognized throughout
Hawai’i as one of the best bass players in the Islands (and she’s a girl—power to the
women!). In the past 5 years, she has quickly gained a reputation as the fiery but
sweet bass player for Kapena who rocks her own unique playing style with class and
a set of neon pink bass strings. In late 2016, Lilo became a Kala artist and was
sponsored a beautiful Koa Solid Body California Series Kala U-Bass. She performs
regularly throughout Waikiki with her Kala U-Bass and enjoys being able to play
the compact, light instrument. Lilo notes that the instrument is “small but has
a great tone, making it easy to hold all night and enjoyable to listen to.” Check
out our awesome sponsors at Kala by visiting their website at
www.kalabrand.com. For a full list of our wonderful Kapena
sponsors, check out our “Sponsors” page here: https://kapena.com/sponsors/