100% of the proceeds for this song will go to help fund the Polynesian Voyaging Society.
Earlier this year, Hōkūleʻa made her way to New York City. There’s an image of Hōkūleʻa with
the New York Skyline and The Statue of Liberty as her backdrop. The breathtaking view
inspired the words to this song written by Kelly Boy DeLima. Many hands have helped in
making the release of this song a success. We want to mahalo Nainoa Thompson and his
beautiful wife, Kathy Muneno for everything they have inspired and built for Hawaiʻi Nei and
for the future of our lāhui. Mahalo to Louis Santos for his performance of the pū kani in
this mele. Mahalo to the keiki of Ke Ea Hawaiʻi for performing the closing oli: Kaʻipu Baker,
Kaʻiu Baker, Kauʻi McElroy and Abigail Wright and mahalo to Aunty Pua Case for allowing us
to perform her oli on this mele. Mahalo to Alexis McElroy for her beautiful oli and to Paoa
McElroy for writing the oli. Mahalo to Kapena DeLima of Bu Print Studio for engineering and
producing this track. Mahalo to Ron Ruff Boyce for Mastering the song. Mahalo to Nāʻālehu
Anthony for allowing us the rights to his beautiful picture of Hōkūleʻa in NYC. Finally,
mahalo to the Polynesian Voyaging Society—you inspire us!