Help Reforest Hawaiʻi

A few weeks ago we were given the privilege of visiting Nani Ekolu, a ranch that sits on 118 acres of land around Kona. Our dear friends, Joe and Kristin Souza bought this property in an effort to help reforest our Native Hawaiian Forests. Kristin Souza recently started a non-profit organization called Reforest Hawai’i which allows anyone in the world to buy a tree or donate money to help reforest our Native Hawaiian Forests. The average household in the US needs to plant 8 trees a year to offset their carbon footprint on our environment. Reforest Hawai’is mission is to help restore our Native Hawaiian Forest and to also help make our home a more carbon neutral place to live in. Help to Reforest Hawai’i and learn more about how you can do your part by visiting the Reforest Hawai’i website here:

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